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What is strategic planning?


Strategic planning sounds bureaucratic, but it's actually quite simple and ultra practical. To realize your goals and your vision, you need a clear plan in place. Strategic planning allows you to identify where you're going, how to get there, and which strategies will help you circumvent the obstacles that might get in your way. In the end you have a clear action plan and timeline to help your vision come to life. Who doesn't wish their life and achieving their goals came with a reference guide?!!


You can use it:

  • to establish your own personal goals and timelines;

  • with your spouse or family to establish common goals and a common vision for the future;

  • within your business to ensure everyone in your company understands their role and takes ownership of their part; or,

  • with your community group or with community stakeholders so that everyone is an active participant in problem-solving or change-making.



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